Yep, yep, this is delicious gum. This gum is everything that juicy, “splashing” fruit should beit’s sharp and refreshing, sweet and lovely! What’s splashing fruit, you say? Yes… I dunno. From the look of things it includes CITRUS-y stuff like grapefruit, lime, orange, and… and… maybe that’s it! Either way, the result is worth a chew! 

I’m a bit overly critical when it comes to most things TRIDENT as my experiences with their gum tend toward the underwhelming. The basic packs of Trident (like this), in particular, with their little sticks of gum seem always to be half-stale, tougher to chew and less enjoyable that most gums. Packaging aside, Trident Vitality was also criminally unexciting in a time when it could have realllllllyyyyy been trendy and awesome (oh wait, I’ve already covered that…).

HOWEVER, Trident has a handful of things to offer in the flavor department, and even though Splashing Fruit is also a bit on the “tough” side in regards to chewing, the flavor is sweet without being too sweet, and tart without being too tart. It’s citrus gum done right, my friends, and it also encapsulates a variety of flavors with ease. Of particular interest here for me is the grapefruit flavor, which is the one that you reallllllly taste in the beginning (the gum is yellow with little pink flecks and I’m inclined to believe those may be grapefruit FLAVOR CRYSTALS, YEAH!). Much like the fruit from which it borrows its flavor, the gum leaves your taste buds tingling in the best of ways.

Flavor Strength: 7
Comments: Ever-so-slightly muddled, but that also plays into its individuality…!!

Flavor Endurance: 8
Comments: Better than most Trident gums, but ultimately it winds up more and more muddled as time goes on and that delightful grapefruit flavor slips further and further away. The resulting flavor after that keeps going and going and going, though.

Final thought: I wasn’t gonna say anything, but this stuff DOES start out a little toooo-chewy, almost to the point that it seems like it’s going to fall apart altogether. BUT STICK WITH IT (get it? “stick”? THAT’S GUM HUMOR)… I think the pros outweigh the cons here. 

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