Crosby Moment of Realization #1. (Photo courtesy

NBC | Tuesday | 10:00 p.m.

Every week I want to start my Parenthood posts with “I just love Parenthood!” or “Parenthood is the best show ever!” or “If you don’t watch Parenthood yet, you so ridiculous!” Because seriously, this show is just awesome.

This week’s episode centered around Haddie and Amber at PROM (is Haddie a junior then?). It was great in a way that Parenthood is so often great. We recollected on Adam and Sarah’s proms, Zeek and Camille (and Adam, Kristina, and Sarah really…) were SUPER geeky as the kids got ready to leave (love those Bravermans!), and Haddie lost her v-card (that symbolic flower on the desk in her bedroom, OMG! hehehe)… and Amber had a meltdown. SO MUCH GOING ON.

In the last three episodes I’ve started to love Sarah for the first time ever. I think it’s amazing that just a littttttttle bit of a confidence boost does such wonders for this character. She stood up to both Richard Dreyfuss (who is so effin’ nutty and awesome!) AND big brother Adam last night, and her self-confidence was VISIBLE. What’s more, Lauren Graham is just a dynamo when it comes to showing emotion. When Amber threw her little temper tantrum/ranty-rant-rant at the end there, the sting of that was ALL OVER Sarah’s face. It made that moment so genuine, and such a bummer.

The REAL bummer, though, is that preview for next week’s episode with Amber in a car accident (my mouth hung open after that for a good minute into the local news, I swear!). I like Amber plenty, but my concern is more for Sarah and her play and her confidence. We’ve just gotten a peak at her abilities, don’t bog her down with drama! Can’t we let Sarah BREATHE for a couple of weeks? Teenagers…

Big Baby Crosby bought a crappy house in an effort to win over Jasmine. Wah wah, worst idea ever. What this house is more likely to help with is his occasionally-crappy relationship with his siblings (particularly, of course, Adam). I predict that this purchase starts with Crosby as a doofus, and ends with Crosby as a new man (and I’m tempted to say sans-Jasmine). Hmmmmmm…

Julia and Joel continued to struggle through their baby-making upset. Julia tried to force herself on Sydney in an effort to convince herself she didn’t need another baby, and it ended in tears. It was soooo realistic and made Julia that much better. This character started out so stoic, and as they peel the layers back on her, she’s gotten sort of awesome. And her husband is JUST SO AMAZING. Mannnnnnn, I love those two.

Final thought: You know what I would love to see more of on Parenthood? The Braverman siblings as aunts/uncles. I think those relationships could be really interesting, and I’ve loved seeing Julia interact with Amber last week, and seeing Adam interact with Drew with the baseball-playing (last season?). Aunt/uncle relationships can be so fun, and it’d be great to see, say, Crosby relating to one of his teenage nieces, or Drew!