Goodness, this is delicious! This is top gum creation, in fact! It can’t top the original awesomeness of Dessert Delights’ Mint Chocolate Chip, but it’s reminiscent of its similarly-timed Key Lime Pie! Mmmmmmmm!

Remember that one? That was TWO YEARS AGO! TWO! YEARS! AGO! Back when I wanted to kill off Jasmine on Parenthood! (Okay, I kinda still do.) When I dreamed of a gum that tasted like French Silk ice cream! (Why hasn’t that happened yet?) When our beloved T&GAA was lucky to get ONE NOTE on a post, stuck forever at 65 followers!!! (We now number 32,000+!) That’s craaazy.


Wait, oh, GUM! THIS GUM! This gum is great. Remember the way the Key Lime Pie gum got the flavor just right by being subtle? This is that. This gum could have crossed over the line to overly/obnoxiously LEMONy — but it doesn’t. It’s lemon, but a lil’ sweeter, and it has all the YUM of the actual dessert. Deliciouso! 

Guys, HOW do they do it?! How are they doing it over and over again! For the most part, this gum line has been the greatest.thing.ever. (in the gum world… or My World, if you’re ME.), and with every new flavor it just expands its awesomeness. They’ve only had one slip-up (that gross Rainbow Sherbet!)! DESSERT DELIGHTS BE CRAZY. I didn’t know it was going to last at first — that’s why I, uhh, hoarded many packages of the Mint Chocolate Chip for months (that really happened… no it didn’t… omfg, it did, it didddd) — but I sure hope they are here to stay FOREVER!

So, while we’re on the subject… Chocolate gum, anyone? Caramel? Vanilla latte? FRENCH SILK ICE CREAM, PLZ? (I’ll be patient…)

Flavor Strength: 10

Flavor Endurance: 9.5
Comments: A smidge of lost awesomeness, but not a full point’s worth. (Read: IT’S AWESOME.)

Final thought: What in your wildest, most awesome of gum dreams would you want the Dessert Delights brand to roll out next?

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